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Value-Aware is a small business set up in an attempt to solve two problems - earning a living as disabled people whose impairments make it difficult to fit into conventional models of employment, and providing smaller organisations, especially non-profits, with expert, bespoke web and IT services at a reasonable price.

The internet is full of services that allow you to "easily" build a website yourself. With point-and-click, libraries of themes and images, and even content "wizards", it seems like you can cheaply and easily sort out your web presence. The problems with such services are serveral, but there are two big ones. First, the sites you create with these tools are inherently limited, not giving you much scope to engage with visitors and extend to broader funcionality, like forums or booking systems. Second, while you can do many things with such tools, they don't help you much in deciding what to do.

On the other hand, there are lots of firms out there who are ready to consult with you on what you need. Many will, however, be looking at how much they can sell you, how to maximise their takings, rather than giving you what works best for you.

We aim to cut through both problems. Yes, we're here to make a living, but we won't do it by overselling you. We won't give you what you ask for without sitting down and understanding what you're trying to achieve, and helping you to determine the best way to achieve that. We charge based on the time it takes to do the work we've agreed. Sometimes we're learning as we go along - as is anyone working with computers, though they might not admit it. When that happens, we don't charge you for the extra time it takes us to figure out how to do what we need to do. If a job's going to take longer than expected because there are unexpected complications, we'll discuss them with you before proceeding.

We also offer much more than help with websites. Ongoign support and maintenance, digital archiving, advice and consulting, and much more. Check out the services we offer, and don't be reluctant to ask us about something else - we can only say no, and we'll do our best not to.

While we got into this with the intention of helping smaller non-profit organisations, we also work with commercial clients and private individuals, though our services are generally offered on a business-to-business basis. Elsewhere in this section, you can also learn more about the people behind Value-Aware, or read about our values, and how we will work with your values.